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2012-07-01 07:57 pm
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002. Inspiring Things: Eeyore

This is Eeyore. She is my littlest kitty. I got her from Amber when her cat had kittens and then I visited and Eeyore adopted me as her own. Her name was originally Silver, but that sounded like a very unoriginal name to me. So, since she's grey I decided to call her Eeyore.

She's got really small features. Her nose is the itty-bittiest nose ever, and her paws are tiny. I love her a lot ♥

Yeah, I fangirl my cats. No big deal :)
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2012-06-08 04:05 pm
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001. Inspiring Things: Sunflowers

The roommate brought back a little sunflower from her garden club yesterday. It's just tiny. They planted them in eggshells, and she rescued this one when something with the eggshell went wrong.

I love sunflowers because they grow so tall, and they're so strong. Who knew a flower could be so strong? Also, they rotate their heads in accordance to where the sun is, which is pretty awesome. Plus, when I look at them, I always think of them growing in my backyard at home, even if they never did get as big as they were supposed to ♥

100 Things That Have Inspired Me
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2012-06-08 03:56 pm
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100 Things That Have Inspired Me

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

So, I don't post enough. This will be an effort to fix that. Instead of posting everyday, I plan on posting two or three times a week.

There are a lot of random things that inspire me, and this will be a selection of a hundred of them. Some things it might include: weather, kittens, fanfiction, music, TV, movies, people I know, random things I like. Pretty much anything that has ever made me want to go and do something.